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Rest assured when you buy Sylex Ergonomics, you're getting the best quality in workplace ergonomic furniture. All of our products carry an unbeatable 10 year warranty. To register your Sylex Ergonomics* products simply complete the form below and click 'Submit'. You will see a green tick on the top left of the page (you might need to scroll up on some browsers) to confirm your submission. Once we have verified your purchase we will respond to the email you have provided below to confirm your registration. Thank you for choosing Sylex Ergonomics.

*Products purchased either directly from Sylex Ergonomics or through our network of dealers and distributors around Australia are all accepted and covered under our 10 year warranty via this registration. To verify this we require a proof of purchase in the form of an official receipt or tax invoice clearly showing Sylex Ergonomics' product.

We Are Experienced In This Field

With over four decades of experience in the industry, Sylex has become well accustomed to the process of delivering exceptional pieces of office furniture. For years our manufacturers have designed only the best products that meet all our customers' needs.

Our team’s background has allowed them to know the ins and outs of what we do which facilitates a selection of products with a basis in excellence and craftsmanship.

We know exactly what our customers are looking for and use our knowledge to make astounding pieces that can fit into any office environment. Since the 1970s, we have pioneered a business model that integrates creative design and advanced production methods that have established a connection between people and technology.

We give our customers the ability to be locally provided with a world-class service that caters to their every need and lets them have the outstanding furniture they deserve.

A Stylish Range Of Products

Sylex specializes in offering only the highest quality furniture for your office; it’s what we do. The talented individuals that our team is comprised of have put their years of experience in combination with an ability to transform visions into realities in order to cultivate an expansive array of bespoke products that will look perfect in any office space.

No matter what you are looking for, our diverse inventory ensures that you receive impeccable products at great prices. Each one of our products is designed with a mindset that has a foundation in creating an integrated approach between office machines and people. The key to a successful work environment is one that supports the comfort and enjoyment of its employees. This is something we believe in at our company and is why we are so passionate about delivering furniture that epitomizes this belief.

Our products are built to last with each one being specifically designed to be reliable and durable over the period of time that you plan to implement it in your space. Our manufacturers mend modern creations with an ever-developing form of manufacturing process to build furniture that any business, no matter the size, will enjoy. Sylex Ergonomics is an expert at assisting our customers with features that will enhance the aesthetic and functional value of their offices.

All our products are backed up by 10-year warranty to ensure you get a complete peace of mind. If there’s any issue, we are always available to assist.

Customer Support

Here at Sylex Ergonomics, we are committed to not only offering our customers amazing products but providing them with an exceptional customer service experience that puts them at the center of attention. We are passionate about working closely with each and every one of our customers in order to ensure that they are getting exactly what they want and to fulfill all of their needs.

Our supportive team is effective in supplying our customers with aid that addresses their project concerns and gives them a deeper understanding of the process.

They can work with you from a number of our warehouses and offices located throughout Australia and New Zealand to give advice, expertise, and the opportunity to receive world-class products on a local level. Explore our wonderful products today!