1. Buying the right visitor chair for your workplace: Things to consider before buying visitor chairs

    First impressions matter. That’s why it’s important to have ergonomic visitor chairs in your waiting room or reception to provide an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for your clients, guests and potential customers. 

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  2. Poor ergonomic office furniture is probably impacting your company more than you think.

    Here’s why you should invest in genuine ergonomic office furniture: 

    • Reduce ongoing pain and discomfort on your team 
    • Optimise workstations and improve productivity 
    • Increase focus and concentration and lift quality of output 
    • Increase engagement, which in turn will lead to innovation and new ideas. 
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  3. Why you should be paying more attention to ergonomics when working from home: Ergonomic Hazards Found in Every Office and How to Prevent Them

    Lower back pain aside, most ergonomic injuries tend to go unnoticed until they’re a serious problemand prolonged exposure to ergonomic hazards could result in serious or even permanent damage.  

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  4. How to Protect Your Employees Working From Home

    You’re still responsible for your employees’ health and safety – even when they’re working from home. Here's how to easily ensure staff are safe and productive whilst working at home.
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